His Name Is Nip, Literacy, Prep, Grade 1


His Name is Nip

This is a story about a kid and his cat. It is a 2-page reading and writing lesson for Grade 1 and Prep. John describes his cat, how he likes to play with it and what it eats and drinks.

The Story

The text includes

  • Carefully chosen words for the text.
  • Sight words, and
  • common 3-letter words give your child constant practice in an interesting context for this age group.
  • This is in 26pt with a line drawing.

Who Uses This Worksheet Set

It is a ready-to-use literacy activity for a parent to do with their child. Read together, discuss and do the writing tasks together. For late Prep and Grade 1. Any parent can use this with confidence. I have used it many times myself in my own teaching work. I have made a few changes so parents will find it easy and user-friendly.


His Name Is Nip

This is about a child and his cat.  John describes his cat, how he likes to play with it and what it eats and drinks. He finishes his recount with: “I like Nip and Nip likes me”. This is a  for late Prep and Grade 1.

His Name Is Nip

This two-page literacy item in large print. It begins with a reading task and writing tasks follow. It contains:

  • common words,
  • Grade 1 sight words, and
  • words that the child needs basic knowledge of phonics to decode.

Who Uses This Item

Any parent can download, print and teach using this item. I have used it many times in my teaching and tutoring work and make it available for parents.

  • It is for children in Grade 1 and probably end of Prep.
  • Words are carefully chosen in this and all my teaching texts.
  • I always suggest two readings, the first for decoding and the second for comprehension.
  • the material seems too hard, I suggest the adult does the first reading – slowly. Point as you move across the line to help your child grasp the words.

A Helpful Guideline

If you go to this link it will give you a lot of help with the Prep and Grade 1 child.


A Similar Item

Sam Finds A Baby Bird is suitable for Prep and Grade 1. Here is the link: