“Pet Day at School”, Literacy Grade 1,2


Pet Day At School targets words with oo, ee  and ai are the focus. A child takes a painted stone as his/her pet. When Pet Day comes the other children have noisy animals while this pet sits in his pocket. The text contains many common words.

Free to copy for teaching purposes.


Pet Day at School

Pet Day At School  is a 2-page lesson pack for Grade 1. Focus spelling is oo, ee and ai. This student paints a stone and takes that as a pet. Comprehension questions with supported answers, sequencing, fill-the-gap. Past tenses –ed,  and the past tense, brought.

Support for non-teacher Bee’s Knees Reading Method, Home School and Teaching Literacy, Grade 1 and 2, Home School   Another lesson pack for literacy is: “Start to Read Stories” for Grade 1

Free to copy for teaching purposes.