“Plastics”, Literacy And Science, Year 7,8



In Plastics, students are introduced to a man-made product. Wool and Other Fibres precedes this item.  Natural fibres also consist of polymers. This 5-page package deals with hydrocarbons and how they are made in different kinds of plastics for different purposes.

There are two diagrams. It explains the process. Science words are used. The text is followed by a Word Study. The Text Study reviews the content. Lots of good material for upper Primary and Early High School. Download and print out for best results for your child.



Plastics is a 5 page reading and science pack for Grade 6. It could also be used for Year 7 or 8 students. It should be about two half-hour sittings.

What Is In Plastics

It introduces students to:

  • polymers as plastics
  • carbon and hydrogen as they relate to polymers,
  • science vocabulary, and
  • different plastics for different purposes.

It includes:

  • two diagrams of a carbon and hydrogen polymer,
  • review questions such as true and false, and
  • choose the right word for meaning.

Who Uses Plastics

Any parent or non-teacher can use this package easily. Just let the material in the pack guide you. Discuss with the student as you go along.  Copying diagrams and writing out new words is always a good learning practice.

A Similar Item

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Helpful Hints

This page discusses how to teach your child in the upper primary school.