“Quail and the Hunter”, Literacy Grade 3,4


The Quail And The Hunter  is about a bird in danger. Focus spelling is -ai-  as in sail. Lots of common words, exciting to read. The setting is a billabong in the Australian bush. The quail narrowly escapes because she gets tangled in the roots of a water lily. Loads of activities follow. Great for home school, one-to-one tutoring as well as classes.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.




Quail and the Hunter

Quail and the Hunter is a 4-page lesson pack for Grades 3 and 4. It begins with a story with a strange mix of circumstances. Language activities follow. The unit focuses on words with ai, as in quail and sail. Children read the story, and work through the multiple choice questions.  ….“And that is how the little, fat quail sails away to safety”.

Easy to teach one-to-one or small group. Ideal for home schooling but suitable for full class teaching as well. Encourage the students to read the instructions first. Good training. All instructions are geared to the child’s reading level.

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Jane’s Dog  is also a Grades 3 and 4 lesson pack. It is a 4-page package that targets  ee  and  oo words with  -k and -ck endings, eg creek and duck. https://www.tutoringprimary.com/product/janes-dog-literacy-grade-3-4/

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.