The Quail And The Hunter, Literacy, Grade 3, 4


The Quail And The Hunter  is about a bird in danger of being shot. This Word Study section includes

  • spelling words such as quail and sail.
  • Words with  ai  spelling are the focus words.

The setting is a billabong in the Australian bush. The quail narrowly escapes because she gets tangled in the roots of a water lily.

  • This item is in 18pt.
  • It is 5-pages in all, and two pages of reading.
  • The child gets practice at writing the simple past tense of verbs from the story,
  • rearranging the order of events, and
  • choosing the right answers to demonstrate comprehension.
  • There is also a line drawing of a quail.
  • This reading and writing activity is suitable for Grades 3 and 4 and possibly Grade 2. This item will help any parent to help their own child but is available to anyone to use.


The Quail And The Hunter

The Quail And The Hunter is a story with a strange mix of circumstances.

What Is In This Package

This 3-page story

  • focuses on words with ai, as in quail and sail.
  • Children read the story, and
  • work through the multiple choice questions.
  • They write the past tense from the present tense of several verbs, and
  • rearrange the sequence of events.
  • Includes an attractive line drawing of a quail.

What Happens In The Story

The frog jumps onto the lily pad. The lily pad comes loose from the mud and floats away. The quail moves into the water to escape the hunter. She becomes entangled in the roots of the lily pad. When she wants to fly she can’t.

“And that is how the little, fat quail sails away to safety”.

A Similar Item

Jane’s Dog  is also a Grades 3 and 4 lesson pack. It is a 4-page package that targets  ee  and  oo words with  -k and -ck endings, for example, creek and duck.

Who Uses The Quail And The Hunter

This is suitable for Grade 3 and 4. This is a 5-page off-the-shelf lesson package. It is very readable for a child in 18pt. Any parent can use this successfully and see learning take place in their own child. It can also be used in small groups in school settings. I have used this many times in my tutoring work and make it available for parents. I have adjusted this item, as with all of my teaching materials, to help parents. Just download, print in black and teach.

How To Use This Item

  • Use the text to guide you.
  • I have revised my materials for the parents’ use.
  • Work systematically and don’t allow your child to jump into the tasks without reading the instructions first.
  • Always ask your child to read the instructions. This helps him or her to be independent learners.

Helpful Hints

On this Page I give a lot of advice and practical help for parents. You are doing a good job and you can do a better job with my help. Here is the link: