“The Queen Bees”, Literacy, Grade 3, 4


The Queen Bees is a literacy package for Grades 3 and 4. It has a story and it is followed by ten questions, on the text with a total of 20 marks.

A simple story about a queen bee who has to leave the hive after a spat with a younger queen. She sends her scouts to find a new home. The scent of lemon brings them to a cardboard box hanging in a tree. The queen gets the message from her scouts and they swarm away from the hive. The following day  Jack Brown, the beekeeper, comes to take the box back to his farm. It has a happy ending.

There are ten questions on the content of the story and about bees. There are 20 marks and each question has 1 to 3 marks. For one mark there is a short answer, two marks means a longer answer or two points in the answer. For three marks, there will be three points in the text.

Parents, teachers and non-teachers can use this pack.

  • The story is fun to read.
  • The questions are based on the text.
  • Use the text and questions to guide your lesson.
  • Talk with your child as you go along.
  • Check understanding and answers before the child begins to write.

This link will give you hints and clues. There is also a lot of help in the Pages for other year levels.

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The Queen Bees

The Queen Bees is a literacy package for Grades 3 and 4. It has a story and it is followed by ten questions, on the text with a total of 20 marks. It could be four or five lessons depending on your child’s reading ability.

What is in The Queen Bees

Queenie and Madam are competing for the hive. In the end, Queenie has to leave. She calls the scouts and tells them to go out and find a good spot for a new hive.

  • The package is five pages in length.
  • The story is three pages long with graphics.
  • Children answer the questions on the sheets or in their own workbook. There are about ten questions.
  • Some are about the story and others are about what they learned about bees.

Who Uses This Pack

Parents can download, print and teach their Grade 3 or 4 child with this ready to use lesson pack. I have used this myself in my own teaching and tutoring and I have adapted it a little for parents. Anyone can use this in a small coaching group in a school.

  • Any parent can use this with their child.
  • The text and the questions will guide you through.
  • Each question has between one and three marks.
  • If there is one mark, the child writes one word or one point.
  • If there are two marks then the question requires more writing.
  • If there are three marks then there are three points to the answer.
  • The help you need to work with your child is in the package.

You can also go to more advice to the Page for Grade 3. Here is the link:


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