Reading and Writing, “Fun on a Windy Day”


Download and print. “Fun on a Windy Day” is a literacy package for Grade 4. It is about three half-hour lessons. The text and activities are arranged around specific vocabulary and spelling patterns. It focuses on following instructions in ruling up columns, finding and then writing the focus words and writing a descriptive paragraph using adjectives.

These lessons reinforce vocabulary with 'ir' and 'oa' vowel teams. Also words beginning with 'wh' and 'sq'. Through discussion, a parent is able to explore the story, check comprehension and assist their child in writing a paragraph. It is suitable for home schooling and any parent who wants to support their child's literacy progress.


This is a four-page literacy lesson for Grade 4. Two children take their toy boats to the pond. They race the boats, get wet and have a good time. Focus words have ‘ir’ and ‘oa’ spelling, ‘wh’ words such as ‘whizzed’ and ‘sq’ words such as ‘squirted’. Children follow instructions in the Word Study on how to lay out their workbook in columns and then review whether they followed them. Using the adjectives given, and their own, children describe the weather on that day. There is a writing task about their own experience on a windy day.