Reading and Writing, “Jasper’s Bad Behaviour”


Download and print. A story about two cockatoos, this is fun and interesting for Grade 4 children. Jasper is embarrassing, so Funky decides to come back for the walnuts alone. Many simple and common words are repeated. The most difficult words are 'verandah', 'neighbourhood' and 'autumn'. The Word Study that follows the text has activities on conjunctions, writing the simple past tense of given words, and prefixes to form opposites. It is is 16pt and the story is one and a half pages in length. This double lesson is suitable for home schooling and any situation where a parent wants to give their child extra help at home.


Funky and Jasper, two wild cockatoos, visit a backyard walnut tree. Jasper is so troublesome that Funky decides to come back another time without him. This entertaining story shows how smart cockatoos – cockies in Australia – really are. The most difficult words are ‘verandah’, ‘neighbourhood’ and ‘autumn’. It is followed by some comprehension questions. The word activities focus on opposites, such as ‘appear’ and ‘disappear’ and the formation of the simple past tense, including common irregular verbs such as ‘get’ and ‘got’. There is a question on conjunctions as well. This is suitable for Grade 4.