“Sam and Blue Go to Town”, Literacy, Grade 2,3


Sam and Blue Go to Town  is a 3-page literacy lesson pack for Grades 1, 2 or possibly 3 depending on the child’s skills. Set in rural Australia, Uncle Blue comes back from overseas. The first thing he does is get out the truck and go into town. Finding the target words, finding the compound words, sequencing events and  questions with one-word answers.

Free to copy for teaching purposes.


Sam and Blue Go to Town

Sam and Blue Go to Town is a literacy lesson. It has words such as truck and shed. It is a story set in rural Australia for Grade 1, Grade 2 or early Grade 3. A trip to town from the farm with his uncle and his puppy. Finding the compound words in the story, sequencing events and comprehension questions with one word answers.

Anyone can teach using this easy material. Tried and tested. Suitable for any teaching situation and home school. Immediate feedback to child is the best way so mark promptly.

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Free to copy for teaching purposes.