“Sam and the Lost Dog”, Literacy Grade 1,2


Sam and the Lost Dog is an extended lesson in reading and writing for Grade 1 in 2 pages. Children find a dog in the park and return it. A rhyming activity, choosing the  s  to make nouns into plural. The item includes a line drawing.

Free to copy for teaching purposes.


Sam and the Lost Dog

Sam and the Lost Dog  is a  3-page lesson pack for Grade 1. It is one of several stories about Sam. The children find a dog and return it to its owner. Story is set in a suburb of Melbourne. Written in the present tense, uses a lot of 4-letter words, such as ‘park’ and ‘back’. Comprehension questions are supported with the start of the answers.

Anyone can use this package.Ideal for home school, one-to-one with your own child and small group instruction. Logical sequence and easy to use.

Sam Likes Fish is of a similar level  Here’s the link: https://www.tutoringprimary.com/product/sam-likes-fish-literacy-grade-1-2/