“Shopping With My Mother And Father”, Literacy


Shopping With My Mother And Father

This is a literacy task comprising reading and writing. Repetition of sight words and common words reinforces what he or she already knows.

Shopping With My Mother And Father

This story is about a family shopping trip. This is what all kids like doing. Especially for new clothes. New shorts, sneakers and shirts as well as lunch with Mum and Dad.

This literacy lesson includes sight words and colours. This is a two-page reading activity with writing tasks.

Who Uses This Literacy Pack

It is suitable for Grade 1. Parents who want to help their child at home with new words will find this useful. Any parent can download, print and teach. It is straight-forward and predictable in its format. There are several supporting posts and pages on this site to help parents do a good job.

This is a post that discusses the 100 Sight Words. It explains their importance in getting children reading quickly. Here is the link:


Literacy For Prep And Grade 1, Primary School is a Page. It discusses many ideas, and gives parents information about classrooms at the moment. It provides practical help, suggestions and guidance in teaching your child.




Shopping With My Mother And Father

Shopping With My Mother And Father includes a story, writing and other literacy activities.

The Story

Every kid loves shopping for clothes.  Red shorts, green shirt and a t-shirt that says Top Kid go into the shopping bag this Saturday. This is a typical experience of most young children. The reading task

  • focuses on the colours red, blue and green.
  • There is repetition and sight words for Grade 1

The Writing Tasks

After reading the story there is a 2-page literacy lesson that includes includes:

  • a Word Study in which the child copies the verb in the present tense and then writes the past tense, following the instructions.
  • It uses the words mother and father which is a move forward from the words mum and dad.

Who Uses This Worksheet Set

Suitable for Grade 1, Shopping With My Mother And Father is a ready-to-use literacy lesson in large type. Any parent can download, print it off and sit with their child and teach.

I always recommend two readings of the story. The first reading is for decoding. The second is for comprehension and enjoyment. In the Page (and here’s the link)


I give loads of guidance. I discuss the two readings of the text in greater detail. I suggest going to this Page for more pointers on the how-to’s.

And then:

  • Share the reading. You could take it in turns. Or the adult does the first full reading and the child does the second.
  • Talk with your child about the story, and
  • share experiences about shopping.
  • Then sit with your child while he or she does the writing tasks.

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