Sight Words For Prep And Grade 1, Literacy


Sight Words For Prep And Grade 1. Most sight word lists are very similar. They are lists of small, common words in English that early readers need to know. Instant recognition and a snappy response is what we aim for. Knowing these words by the end of the second year of school gives a child a flying start with literacy.

This is a list of about 100 words. They are divided into ten lists. I have used the lists common in the area where I live and teach. The lists are not in even numbers but they are colour coded in the order that the local schools use them.

Reasonable duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes for any sized group.

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Sight Words

Sight Words is for early readers. These words should be known after the first two years at school.

In the post One Hundred Sight Words And Why I make some points.

  • Firstly, knowing these words speeds up the child’s literacy. Knowing the words enables a child to read text. A child then sees the words in sentences that make sense.
  • Most of the words are not irregular, even though many writers claim they are. About 20% are irregular and the rest follow spelling rules – even though they follow any one of about 22 rules.

Here is the link for the discussion:

What Is In This Item

There are ten lists of words in two pages. They range from the easiest words such as  I  and  it  to the harder words like  love  and first. I have colour coded them myself.


Flash Cards – How To Make. Here is the link:

The Word Wall is a set of sheets with the words in these lists. They are written in bold and good for the wall. It’s best not to put them all up. Only put up the word lists that your child is working on. My suggestion. This government website is helpful.