“Sight Words for Prep and Grade 1”, Literacy


Sight Words For Prep and Grade 1. Prepared from Professor Fry’s lists. Time tested over many decades. A number of links here for extra help and information.


Sight Words

Sight Words is for beginning readers. These words should be known after the first two years at school.

In the post 100 Sight Words  I make some points.

  • Firstly, knowing these words speeds up the child’s literacy and gets them reading text quickly. A child then sees the words in sentences that make sense.
  • Most of the words are not irregular, even though many writers claim they are. About 20% are irregular and the rest follow spelling rules – even though they follow any one of about 22 rules.

Here is the link for the discussion: 100 Sight Words, Early Primary School

There are ten lists of words in two pages. They range from the easiest words such as  I  and  it  to the harder words like  love  and first. I have colour coded them myself.

Flash Cards – How To Make. Here is the link: “Flash Cards – How To Make”, Blog

https://www.brisbanekids.com.au/teaching-sight-words-at-home/ This government website is helpful.