Silent -b Words With Examples, List, Grade 4 – 6


Silent b Words, With Examples, List. This is a useful reference sheet for parents. It provides a list of common words with a silent -b at the end that are appropriate for primary school children.

This list is suitable for Grades 4, 5 and 6. It can be used with The Lost Lambs which targets a number of silent letters, including  b, (Middle Primary School). See below for links.


Silent b Words

With Examples, List

A small number of words in English end with a silent  b . This is a 1- page list of common words suitable for primary school children.

  • On the left side is the word with a note for noun, adjective or verb next to it.
  • For each word there is an example of its use. The word ‘tomb’, a noun, also has the verb ‘to entomb’.
  • It is a useful reference sheet for parents.

A Literacy Package To Use In Tandem

The link is below for The Lost Lambs. The story has a lot of words with silent letters. These words are targeted in the literacy activities that follow the reading tasks. As in most of my literacy packages, the story is written around target words.

Who Uses Silent  b  Words

It is suitable for primary school children.

It is a useful reference students and parents.  Kids should know how to spell common words such as thumb and lamb.

A Product To Use With This Item

The Lost Lambs is a 6-page literacy package for Grade 4 and 5. It targets words with  Silent b spelling in the context of a story. The two items work well together.