When I Was Six, Literacy, Grade 2,3


When I Was Six  is a 3-page literacy pack for Grades 2 or 3, individually or in a small group. The focus is on words with or spelling, high frequency words and emotional education. There is plenty to talk about in this short and entertaining account of a child on a runaway horse. It is also a true story.

With a text targeted to this age level, it is followed by a Word Study and a Text Study. It should take two to three half-hour sittings with a child or small group. Read the story twice. The first reading is for decoding. The second reading is for comprehension.

Encourage your child or group to read the text three times, over the following seven day period.

Reasonable duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes in groups of any size.




When I Was Six

When I Was Six is a 3-page language lesson for Grades 2 and 3.  The text is about a child who is rescued from a runaway horse. The story has exciting moments and funny moments.

What is in When I Was Six

It includes

  • one and a half pages of reading,
  • a focus on words with or spelling,
  • a focus on emotions such as fear, empathy and courage with questions in the Text Study;
  • a Word Study with a rhyming activity, past and present tenses of think and thought, bring and brought

Who Uses This Package

  • Parents and other adults working with children in Grades 2 or 3. It is suitable for small groups.
  • The text gives children extended reading at their own level.
  • The adult  can allow the text to direct the learning.
  • Read the text twice. It helps to take reading in turns with the child. Assist the child only when needed and allow the child to self-correct. Some children take more time than others in both reading and writing.
  • Allow the child to read the instruction for each task. This helps build independence.


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