Skip, Literacy Grade 4, Primary School


Skip is a 3-page literacy pack for grades 3 and 4. The reading task is a sketch of Skip, the cattle dog, on a cattle drive. This will probably be too hard for early grade 3.

It includes a text study and word study with a focus on -ou- and -ough spelling. Children learn about the job of a cattle dog and enquire about the workings of windmills.

There is a word list on Page 3 of similar and related words.  It may take three sittings of a half hour each.

Reasonable duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes for any group size.




Skip is a 3-page literacy item for Grades 3 and 4. The reading task is a sketch about a cattle dog on a drive. The setting is Australia.

What Is In Skip

It includes

  • a reading task with target words with -ou- and -ough spelling,
  • writing tasks such as scanning for words and making lists,
  • writing a two sentence answer about cattle dogs, and
  • speculating, and then checking, how a windmill works.
  • And a self assessment.

Who Uses This Package

Parents, and anyone working with children, on a one to one basis or small groups. The material guides you step by step. There is opportunity for discussion about the text and to help the student/s evaluate how they have learned.


This link can give a student an insight into the droving of cattle and sheep over long distances through looking at the Durack Family.  This is readable and a student can cope with the language level with an adult and discussion.

A Similar Item

Reference list of -ough words: