Socks Loves The Surf, Literacy, Grade 1


Socks Loves The Surf  includes a story about a pet dog that injured its paw. The family visit the vet. Socks has to go to the beach to help it heal. Target words have ur and ea spelling.

The reading task is first. The story is written around chosen words with a spelling pattern that supports the classroom teaching. The child reads first to see the words in context. I recommend two readings of text.

Writing tasks include finding and circling words with the target spelling, ur and ea, ordering the events with numbers, and drawing each event on a big piece of paper and ordering the pictures with a line with the adult/s as audience.

Reasonable duplication is permitted under this Copyright for teaching purposes in any sized group.



Socks Loves The Surf

Socks is a pet dog. This is a 2-page literacy package for Grade 1. Target spelling is ur with words like turn and ea words such as seat.

Socks Loves The Surf

The story is about Socks, the pet dog, who hurts his paw. He has a cut and the vet tells the family to take him into the salty water. They take him on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, Socks is back to the vet for a check-up.

Writing Tasks in Socks Loves The Surf

After the reading, the child

  • finds and circles words with target spelling with a particular colour.
  • writes the words in a workbook, and
  • reads them aloud.
  • The child numbers the events in order and
  • draws each event then connects the events to tell the story so another person can follow it.

Any parent can download, print and teach using this friendly off-the-shelf lesson set. Teachers can use it with ease as well. It is for the Grade 1 child. The words are simple and common but the target spelling patterns are ur and ea. A child needs many sightings of a word to be able to recognise it and read fluently. So there is repetition in the story and follow-up activities for reinforcement.

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