Literacy, Spelling Practice And Plurals

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Spelling Practice And Plurals.

A one-page worksheet, free to download and print. It gives children practice in words with  oi  or  oy  spelling.

What’s The Spelling Rule For Making Plurals.

Change the  y  into  i  and add  es  except if the word ends in  ey.  This worksheet involves writing the plural form of nouns such as  monkey  and  fairy . It takes about 15 minutes to complete. This is a handy worksheet for parents who need material on the spot for their child, knowing it reinforces their learning.


Some Spelling Practice.

Words Spelt With Oi And Oy.

Gives Grade 3 children practice with  oi  and  oy  words. The student writes to complete each word. This worksheet can be used in combination with “The Most Annoying Boy In Our School” through the following link.

Learn The Plural Spelling Rules.

Add  s  or changing the  y  into  i  and and adding  es. This reminds the student of the spelling rules. Parents of a Grade 3 or a Middle Primary School child can use this worksheet to reinforce spelling and word recognition.

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