Talk About The Puppy, Literacy, Grade 1


Talk About The Puppy is a half-hour lesson. It begins with a reading task and is followed by two rhyming tasks. It also has two simple questions on the text where the child writes two words and a phrase. There is also an outline drawing of a dog to colour in.

Parents and others can use this simple material to teach. Extended reading is what young children need to progress in literacy.

This is a free item.

Duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes in any group size.



Talk About The Puppy

Talk About The Puppy is a 2-page reading and writing lesson for Grade 1. The family debate whether Sam’s pup is black and white or not. But they get the puppies mixed up.

What Is In Talk About The Puppy

  • A short story about a conversation in the home,
  • 4  writing tasks, and
  • a colouring in.

Who Uses This Pack

Parents and others can use this to help a child with literacy, or help a small group. It should take a half hour to do.

Helpful Hints

This link takes you to a Post about teaching this age level.

Similar Item

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