“Tap And Tapped”, Spelling At Primary School

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Tap And Tapped, Spelling

Tap And Tapped, Spelling is free worksheet is a quick way to teach the double the consonant spelling rule.

  • The spelling rule is explained, followed by
  • three tasks including doubling the consonant in a word table,
  • write a sentence using words from the table, and
  • Select the right word from the box to complete ten sentences.

Who Uses Tap And Tapped, Spelling

This is suitable for Grade 3. Good for parents working with their own child. Any parent can download, print and teach from this two-page worksheet. It could be done in two sittings of fifteen minutes each. It makes very clear to a child why we double the consonant in short words, such as thin to thinner. There is lots of practice with some fun illustrations.

A Similar Item

Samantha Rides A Big Wave has many words that double the consonant. Some examples are, grab to grabbed, dip to dipped and grip to gripped. This is a good follow up item. It is a bit longer than most of the Grade 3 materials but the language level is suitable.





 Tap And Tapped, Spelling

Tap And Tapped is a two-page worksheet for Grade 3 children. The child:

  • Chooses the right word with the right spelling from the box and fills in the gap.
  • A 15 minute activity with an Introduction to the rule.
  • There are lots of examples so the student will learn quickly.
  • The child learns when to double the consonant and when not to.

This is suitable for Grade 3.  Parents can download, print and teach using this worksheet and all my materials. This is a free item and supports what is taught in the classroom. It also supports the literacy packs on this website.

A Similar Item

This link takes you to Phrases and Clauses No 1. This is the first of 3 items. This one defines phrases and clauses and helps the student to write better sentences. This is probably more suitable for end of Grade 3 and Grade 4.