Reading and Writing, “The Heart and How It Works”


Grades 3 and 4 can get acquainted with the heart through this bundle of lessons. Three line diagrams and simple words to explain how the heart works. Kids follow the sequence of blood entering and leaving the heart. They learn about oxygen and carbon dioxide. There's a pairing activity, writing opposites, filling in the blanks, and finding the subject of simple sentences. This 5-page set of literacy and science activities builds vocabulary and knowledge. It's suitable for home learning and gives parents plenty of material to work with your child.


Price in $Aust. Kids in Middle Primary School can learn about the heart and its important words. The language is simple but some specialized words are included. Oxygen, aorta, ventricle and atrium are introduced to children. It is simplified with three diagrams. Parents can sit with their child and work through the reading, the word study and text study. This 5-page set of literacy lessons is suitable for home schooling and any parent wanting to help their child with literacy and science.