Three Places To Visit, Australia, Grade 2 Literacy


Three Places To Visit – Australia is a 4-page literacy pack for Grade 2 with drawings, historical and recent. Children:

  • study the drawings, make deductions, write answers;
  • write the correct word from the box, circle rhyming words, find and write -or- words.

Anyone can teach using this material. For non-teachers it is self-contained. For school volunteers there is no preparation to do. It is suitable for one to one and small groups.

In the text there is a link to a Colouring Page on Uluru (Ayres Rock). Other links are below.


Three Places To Visit

Three Places To Visit is a 4-page literacy bundle for Grade 2. Target spelling words are -or-. Expressing an opinion through interpreting the historical pictures is also a task.

It includes: **a reading task, **several old drawings, **looking at the drawings as history sources, **questions and expressing an opinion, and **Word Study with cloze, pick the rhyming words,  and -or- spelling.

It is suitable for use on a one to one basis and also small groups. Parents and other adults can use this as it is easy to follow and self-contained.

This link extends the students’ knowledge of Ballarat:

This link takes you to a site with pictures of children in the Top End. The text is written for kids but Grade 2 children will need some help.

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