Three States of Matter, Grades 4, 5


Three States of Matter is a reading and comprehension activity in 2 half-hour sessions. It calls for close reading with the student. It is suitable for Grade 4 or possibly Grade 5 and reinforces practical activities on solids, liquids and gases.

Anyone can use this material. It is self-contained and does not require reference to any other sources or activities. It can be used with small groups or one-to-one.

This item acquaints kids with science thinking, so ice, water and steam translate to solid, liquid and gas.

Duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes in any group size.

The True or False and multiple choice questions are interesting for children and reinforce the reading.


Three States of Matter

Three States of Matter is a 4-page science and literacy item for Grade 4 students. It addresses curriculum requirements in many jurisdictions and can be used for Grade 5 as well. This item aims to respond to findings of international surveys in science learning, such as TIMMS.

What Is InĀ Three States of Matter

It includes:

  • simply written text that introduces children to the science concepts of solids, liquids and gases;
  • graphics of unfamiliar items ie. a microscope and a thermometer;
  • some science specific terms;
  • review activities such as True or False and Pick the Right Answer, and
  • a self-assessment.

Who Uses This Science Package

Parents or other non-teachers will find this easy to use with their own Grade 4 child. It can be taught on a one to one basis or in a small group. The material supports enquiry learning at school or at home, and reinforces the academic side of science learning.

This external link has three very good diagrams suitable for this age group. As soon as you go into it the diagrams appear. As the text is too difficult you could overwhelm a Grade 4 student.

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Helpful Hints

This link takes you to my Post where I have selected a few points from the most recent Report to help parents and others translate the recommendations into practice.