“Tim’s Weekend”, Literacy Grade 1


Tim’s Weekend is a 1-page story for Prep and Grade 1. It is followed by supported questions on the second page. It is a simple account of what Tim did on Saturday and where he is going on Sunday. Tim tells the story. Common words such as ball and bike. Two graphics and several questions.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.


Tim’s Weekend

Tim’s Weekend is a 2-page literacy item for Grade 1 or other beginning readers. There are words such as rode, football and took. A story of what the child does on Saturday and Sunday. There are several questions to answer about the text. The start of the answers is provided. They are followed by questions with a yes or no answer. There are two lines marking the bottom and the top for the body of the letter. These lines make it easier for the beginning writer.

This link will be helpful for the non-teacher: Literacy for Prep and Grade 1, Home School

Sam Finds A Baby Bird is the same level of difficulty. Here is the link:

“101 Things To Do Before You Grow Up” by Weldon Owen has good reviews and available from major bookstores as well as Amazon. Best for 9 years and up with a wide variety of activities.

Free to make copies for teaching purposes.