Tough Words For Grade 5, Literacy

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Tough Words for Grade 5 is a spelling list and useful reference for words with -gh- such as tough, trough and through.

Just keep it in a plastic pocket so your child can refer to it when writing. Useful also as a spelling list without the odd words.

This link is a good follow-up to my list as it offers additional words.

Reasonable duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes in any group size.



Tough Words for Grade 5

Tough Words for Grade 5 is a 1-page word list that is a useful quick reference list for troublesome words with -gh- spelling. The pronunciation of these words changes slightly. This list includes only words that a Grade 5 child should know.

Words such as tough and through are listed as well as some more unusual words.

I suggest that you go through the list with your student and give ten words each week. The unusual words can be left out as they are included only to acquaint the student with them.

Helpful Links:

The text in this lesson pack puts -ough words into context and reinforces word learning.

This link takes you to the Fry Word Lists that are easy to download. Professor Fry wrote the lists in the 1950s and updated them in the 1980’s.