“Training For Sports Day”, Literacy, Grades 5,6


Training For Sports Day is a 3-page literacy pack for Grade 5 (Level 5). The theme is training within a fun story. It is positive with hints on swimming in particular, especially off the blocks.

Parents or other adults can use this off-the-shelf package to help their own child with extra literacy activities. This is quality material that will produce results in the student. It will be 2 or 3 half hour sittings with a child or small group.

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Training For Sports Day

Training For Sports Day is a 2-page story for Grade 5 students. It has a 1-page set of literacy tasks.

What Is In Training For Sports Day

The story is a positive account of two Grade 6 children who want to do well on School Sports Day. Randal and Helen go to the playing field, the pool and the velodrome to train. Randal’s father helps on Saturdays.

It has:

  • hints on how to train,
  • the technique for jumping off the blocks in a swimming race, and
  • how to work with another person when training.

It is followed by:

  • matching words to meanings in sport
  • answering questions in complete sentences with marks allocated, and
  • writing 3 paragraphs about a favourite sport.

Who Uses This Pack

Parents or others in an instructing role with Grade 5 (Level 5) students on a one to one basis or in small groups.

Helpful Hints

This link takes you to a Page that you can read online and gives you help with the teaching task for this age group.


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