“Travel, Thought And Speech”, Grade 6,7,8


Travel, Thought And Speech  is a package of three sheets for Grade 6, Year 7 and 8.  Student/s write the words given and, in columns, write the past tense, or the noun or other form of the word according to the tasks.

Any adult, including parents, can use this material with ease in the teaching of a child. It can be used for small group teaching and English language lessons for non-English speakers.

Here is the link to a helpful Post. It is also available as a product to download.



Travel, Thought And Speech

Travel, Thought And Speech  is a package of three sheets for Grade 6, Year 7 and 8.

What Is In Travel, Thought And Speech

Each page is a separate set of tasks, one is based on verbs of travel, the next is verbs of speech, and the third is on verbs of thought.

The student

  • lays out the page in three columns,
  • writes the list of verbs on the left, and
  • writes another form of each verb according to task.

Who Uses Travel, Thought And Speech

Any parent or non-teacher can use this to teach one child or a small group. It is suitable for Grades 6, 7 and 8. Its purpose is to broaden students’ word knowledge.

A Similar Product

Grapple With Grammar should be helpful. A different layout and tasks. Here is the link:


Helpful Hints

The post will help parents and non-teachers with the teaching task.