“Tricky Zack”, Literacy In Primary School


Tricky Zack is a 3 page reading and writing task. The story is fun to read. It is followed by a 1-page, step by step instruction for the child to write their own story based on the same theme.

Parents will find this easy to use with a child or group between Grade 2 and Grade 4. Share the reading. Discuss the story. Children think of an event when a trick was played on them.

Posts and Pages on this site are a good reference for help and guidance. Then develop your own style.

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Tricky Zack

Tricky Zack is a reading and writing pack for Grade 2 to Grade 4.  Target spelling is words ending in ck. The story is entertaining in itself. Its purpose is to springboard children into their own writing.

What Is In Tricky Zack

The reading is half poetry and half prose. It is a story about a pet galah, a type of cockatoo. Zack, the galah, wants to go on holiday with the family. He hides so he isn’t taken to grandma’s. The family tries to find him among flocks of galahs. Sam then finds him hiding in his cap.

The tasks are to plan and write the draft of a story. The topic is about a trick. Page 3 guides the child through the three steps in writing the draft.

Who Uses This Pack

Parents of Grade 2 to 4 children. It is available for any person to download and use to teach. Children need a text to read or a video of a story to help prompt them. After reading a story, they seem to be full of ideas for their own writing. Page 3 can be used on-going as a guide to getting a child to write their own stories. It will also appear as a Post on this site.

Helpful Hints

Page 3 of this item can be useful.  Here is a link to Creative Writing – Help Your Child. This may help parents and non-teachers of younger children. It was written with older children in mind.


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