A Trip to the North


A trip from Katherine in the Northern Territory of Australia, the child character helps solve problems – budgerigars hitting the windscreen, dodging kangaroos and pulling the van out of a ditch with a winch. The child reader shares these experiences. The items, Simple Tools, and/or the Burke and Wills Expedition, available on this site, make good reading before this item.

Target words are '-tch' and '-dge' are found through the text. Words with 'ea' as in 'head' feature in the Activities. There are match-the-meaning, true and false comprehension and several others. This is designed for parents as tutors at home with their child. It is suitable for Grades 5 and 6.

Product Description

A story about a journey with Grandma and Grandpa to Far North Queensland, the tourists solve problems like dodging kangaroos and getting out of bogs. The grandparents find it a strain while Junior is entertained. They solve problems along the way and the reader is introduced to simple tools they use.

The target words are ‘-dge- and ‘-tch’ words. The text has a range of common words and target words. It is an two-page story in 16pt. Target words are in italics. The Activities include matching meanings, identifying and writing out target vocabulary, true and false statements and others. This is suitable for Grades 5 and 6 children.