Useful Tools, Grades 3, 4


Useful Tools is a simply written text suitable for Grades 3 and 4. Common words and a few drawings explain the lever, the wheel and the axle. These are two of what are called ‘simple tools’. It will appeal to girls as well as boys, and they will begin to see wheels and levers everywhere. In 3 pages, 16pt, this unit of work could be completed in one sitting with student/s. Parents and others can use this with their general knowledge to teach. Download and print.


Useful Tools

Useful Tools is a 3-page reading and writing lesson for Grades 3 and 4. The language level is right for this age group. In simple words, its outlines the wheel and axle and the lever.

The lever and the wheel are basic tools. We call these simple tools. This unit gives children a good grasp of what simple tools are.

There are several diagrams to help understanding. Small writing tasks through the text keep students interested.

The text introduces these terms: lever, wheel, potter’s wheel, axle, and hub.


The First Silver Arrow, Literacy, Grade 3, 4

This item is about the first Mercedes racing car after weight restrictions were introduced. The team worked all night to remove the paint and reduce the weight of the car.