Volcanic Rocks, Science Literacy, Grade 5,6


Volcanic Rocks is a  set of two short lessons on some aspects of volcanoes. Two half hour sittings is suggested.

  • Target words ending in -sure or -ture, such as fissure,
  • Subject specific words in italics,
  • Six language and content based questions that can be answered with parent’s or teacher’s guidance.

Parents and others can use this material easily. It is self-contained and all information is in the text. Use a dictionary if needed.

This is a good foundation to springboard into enquiry learning as it provides basic information.

Links to suggested reading as well as a similar item are below.

Reasonable duplication is allowed under this Copyright for teaching purposes in any group size.


Volcanic Rocks

Volcanic Rocks is a 2-page science lesson pack with literacy and science based questions. This is suitable for Grade 5 and 6, and perhaps Year 7. This would take two half hour sittings on a one to one or in a small group of children.

Volcanic Rocks is not a full account of volcanoes but provides selected information.

It includes:

  • target words that end in -sure and -ture, such as pressure and texture,
  • words specific to the subject, such as lava flow, tephra and magma.
  • comprehension questions requiring one-sentence answers.

Who Uses This Pack

Parents and any adult teaching a child or small group can use this package easily.  It requires two readings for effective learning. The child or children will learn best if the tutor or teacher paces the lesson. So concentration is not lost, the first reading should be done without stopping for discussion. This reading is for decoding. The second reading is for comprehension. Take it in turns to read and do not allow the reader to rush – understanding the content is the objective.

A Helpful Item

This item gives the parent and others some insights into teaching literacy at this level. Here is the link:


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A Similar Pack

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