Reading and Writing, “Walter Hunt, Inventor of the Safety Pin”


Price in Australian $. In these two lessons, Grades 6, 7 and 8 learn about the safety pin. Walter Hunt's inventions and would interest any child that likes gadgets. The sewing machine, a portable knife sharpener and a new fountain pen were among his inventions with the safety pin enduring to the present day.

This account includes the diagrams of the 1849 patent for the safety pin and discusses the improvements to the safety pin such as the lock pin. The Word Study and Text Study give parents opportunity to work with their child. Suitable for Grade 6,7 and 8.

Product Description

Price in Australian $. Among other items Walter Hunt invented the safety pin. He invented the first sewing machine and suction shoes for circus performers. In these two lessons, children get to know what a patent is. The patent diagram for the first safety pin is included. The text discusses this famous 19th century American and touches on his various inventions.

Activities are divided into Word Study and Text Study. Included is an introduction to sentence analysis (subject, verb, object). Other activities involve forming verbs, writing good answers to questions and building vocabulary.It is suitable for parents tutoring their own children, and also for home schooling.