“Wash the Car”, Literacy Grade 1 (Copy)

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Wash the Car is a literacy pack for Grade 1, that is the second year of school. It is two A4 pages of large, hand-printed text with support activities on page 2.
Simple words make it easy for beginner readers to do the tasks on their own. The text extends children, with terminal -y as in carry. It introduces -oa- as in soap. It should take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Easy for parents to teach their child with this material.
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Wash the Car is a 2-page reading and writing lesson for Grade 1. Children can read this simple text on their own. Then they select the right answer and write words from the text.

This is a hand-written text in big print. It follows standard printing conventions taught in schools. Common words and 3-letter words help the child to read without support.

It includes bossy e, terminal y and -oa- , in soap, soapy and carry.

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