“Will And The Bat”, Literacy In Prep


Will And The Bat is simple text with sentences using CVC words, that means consonant vowel consonant words. This simple text is about whether one can pat a bat.

  • The reading task is followed by a set of questions that take their vocabulary from the text. These questions require yes or no. The child writes yes or no.
  • There is a list of  words. Some letters have been changed, such as the g and a, so the child sees these letters as a model of how his or her letters should be written. I’ve used two fonts.
  • The child copies each word in the space given.

Best for Prep and early Grade 1. Any parent can download, print and teach using this parent-friendly teaching pack. The text will guide you through. It will be clear what the child has to do. An adult needs to sit with the child while he does the writing tasks as well. This helps the child to learn.

A Similar Item is That Bad Cat, Molly is suitable for Prep and early Grade 1.



Will And The Bat

Will And The Bat is for beginning readers in Prep. It has a story with sight words and common words. There are CVC words, that is, consonant vowel consonant. An example of a CVC word is bat.

What Is In Will And The Bat

Too short to talk about, but trust me! It has sight words and words for the beginning reader that are best for the Prep child.

  • I always suggest two readings of the text in my literacy units.
  • The first is for decoding and the second is for comprehension. If your child can’t read it first time, then the adult should read – slowly – and with the index finger under each word and along each word.
  • This way your child understands the how of reading and decoding.
  • This is more deliberate and conscious than it is with reading a bed-time story.
  • For these tasks your child needs to be seated at a desk or table.

There are six questions using words from the story. The child writes yes or no.

There are also about twelve CVC words based on the story. They are in a list and next to each word your child copies the word on the line.

  • For the Prep child, these two writing tasks are quite demanding. Your child will be concentrating very hard on forming the letters. This exercises the hand muscles and your child will get tired.
  • If your child needs a break I suggest half an hour is enough at one sitting. Come back to it again later or another day.
  • If you come back on another day, I suggest that you re-read the text before going on with the writing tasks.

Who Uses Will And The Bat

Prep children and early Grade 1. Parents  and others can download, print and teach. I have used this material many times in my own teaching and tutoring. Let the text guide you through and it will drive the lesson.

Helpful Hints

This Page for Prep and Grade 1 has guidance. Here is the link:


A Similar Item

His Name Is Nip is suitable for this level. It has a similar layout and structure.

Here is the link: https://www.tutoringprimary.com/product/name-is-nip-literacy-prep-grade-1/