“Word Wall” Early Primary School


Word Wall for Early Primary School is 5-pages of bold hand printed sight words. They are colour-coded and in order of difficulty. Enlarge to A3 or print off to A4. Stick onto wall, one list at a time to give children constant visual exposure. And also put A4 into a folder for desk use.


Word Wall for Early Primary School  is a 5-pages of  Prep and Grade 1 sight words. These words are hand-printed in bold ink. Great for posting on the wall. Or keep in the A4 size in a display folder.

All lessons on this site for early Primary School use these words in the stories. Words are listed easy to hard.

There are various lists in used in schools such as the Dolch and Fry’s lists. These are in order of difficulty and prepared by education experts. The Oxford Word List was funded by Oxford University Press. It is a study of what words children use in their own writing in order of frequency. The Oxford lists appear disorganised for a reason.

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