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Reading Comprehension, Paper Vs Digital



Ever since we began to use desktops, laptops and more recently, ipads and phones, studies have been done to see if students reading comprehension was better using digital equipment or printed paper.

Until recently, studies were inconclusive. Some students (primary and secondary schools) did better on one than the other, depending on the topic.

Now, studies are more revealing. In this diagram comprehension of writing on paper along a line, is the reference level. The left diagram shows the reading comprehension where students are increasing their knowledge of IT. The right diagram shows that this potential difference increases over the years with decline in reading comprehension.  I would consider the second diagram would apply to secondary school students, not primary students.

Image may contain: text that says 'Reading comprehension Paper Screen Experience with technology'Image may contain: text that says 'Reading comprehension Paper Screen Experience with technology'


Here is the link: See “Don’t throw away your printed books: A meta-analysis on the effects of reading media on reading comprehension” P. Delgado et al. Educational Research Review 25 (2018) 23–38 25



It is time to take the full implications of digital technologies in classrooms very seriously. Often it’s a matter of when we introduce and how we introduce something in classrooms, as well as the measure we use. New technologies – like the latest in everything – carries the weight of new findings with it. But there is the tendency is to think that more must be better. Studies over time will reveal whether more really is better for all our children.

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