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The Child Falling Behind

You may have been informed at a parent-teacher interview, and through a school report, that your child needs to improve in certain areas. It may be reading. It may be comprehension in reading. Perhaps your child has not yet mastered the sight words and is in Grade 1 or 2. Perhaps he or she reads the first couple of sounds in a word and guesses the rest of it. Does your child have difficulty counting, learning the times tables and so on?

Often a parent realises late in the day that their child is not just a bit behind, but a long way behind. Are the teachers too tactful and you haven’t picked up on the message? “Why didn’t they tell us?” is a common question. Often, too, in spite of the best efforts of the school through reading recovery programmes, your child has got stuck at a certain level and is now six to eighteen months behind his or her peers.

Being behind in reading often means, but not always, being behind in maths as well, because your child can’t read the instructions for their maths and depends on another child or the teacher to tell him what he has to do. If this situation persists your child loses interest, doesn’t or can’t finish classroom tasks, and can’t work independently.

If you recognise yourself and your child in any of these scenarios then I’m optimistic that the learning materials I’m offering can help you both. I have written these materials and used them many times over and children have made noticeable, even outstanding, progress. Certainly, as an experienced teacher, I have an advantage, but you can become your child’s tutor and make it work successfully with my help.