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The Child in Remote Australia

Children in isolated places may be attending a small multi-age school, or working at home through School of the Air.

The teaching materials I offer are suitable for you to teach your child at home, support his or her learning, and in the process, become better acquainted with what he or she can do.

The content of materials for remote children is an important consideration. My materials – as far as content is concerned – are based around common childhood experiences. They are short vignettes of a typical childhood event. The setting in many of my texts is rural or small town. They follow a common story structure starting with the setting and characters, an episode of some kind in the body of the text, and the denouement and conclusion. And there’s always a happy ending.

For the middle and upper primary school child, the language is more complex, sentence structure more varied and the content has a wider reach. The city child, whom I teach, becomes acquainted with rural Australian life, and the rural child can identify with the setting and characters.

The teaching materials use names of characters that would be familiar to rural children and easy to read. The texts use familiar styles of speech and common vocabulary such as ‘shed’ ‘track’ ‘bush’ ‘gate’ etc which a rural child will easily understand.

Gradual improvement in literacy is important to working independently in maths. Your child needs to be able to read instructions. Many materials for maths depend on a parallel literacy standard.

For the older child, the content of literacy material is broader and works, as always, from the known to the unknown. It includes map work, history, basic machines, some science topics and always aims to extend the child’s literacy skills and knowledge of the world.